Bokeo Nature Reserve

The Bokeo Nature Reserve was created to protect its population of the black-cheeked gibbon, rediscovered in 1997, which was previously thought to be extinct. A visit to Bokeo Nature Reserve is not complete without a stay at the Gibbon Experience, an eco tourism conservation project. Guests stay in tree houses and travel by zip line through the forests in search of the Black Gibbon. Besides the elusive black gibbon, visitors to the reserve may also see elephants, bears, tigers and wild buffalo. The Gibbon Experience also works to rehabilitate and return to the wild animals that were captured by poachers. With mountains ranging from 1,600 to almost 5,000 feet in altitude, the reserve also is a good place to watch birds. Take a guide on all tours.

You will get a lot of interesting information about the forest and you will be supporting local people to protect the forest and wildlife. Ask your guide and local villagers lots of questions about wildlife and the forest. This will increase everyone’s awareness about what is special and interesting to tourists, and will make your tour much better. Bring your own water bottle to minimize plastic waste. Accept people’s generosity when offered. Often people will invite you into their homes or to join a ceremony or festival. Don’t be shy. Lao people want to get to know you and enjoy having visitors.