Good god, this place is diving heaven. The most amazing reefs, easly accessable, just walk into the water at any yellow rock on the island (yep, the _whole_ island).

We traveled to Bonaire in February and March 2005, staying at Buddy Dive Resort. The diving here is amazingly easy. Jump off the dock and go, drive to a yellow rock marking a dive site and walk into the ocean. Entrances tend to be over broken up coral rather than sand so footing can be a little unsure. Visibility was easily over 100 ft. The health of the reef is a testament to the efforts to preserve it. No large animals other than turtles, but every imaginable caribbean fish was in abundance.

As for the resort, the apartment arrangements were very convenient although showing some wear. We had a problem with water leaking into our unit. Bedrooms are air conditioned but the living areas are not. If you choose to open the doors to allow ventilation, remember the bug spray — the no-see-ems are vicious. Restaurants at the resort were reasonable and food was adequate — wouldn’t call it gourmet, but not bad either. Water was safe to drink.

If traveling with non-divers, you probably want to consider another destination because there is little else on the island. However, for a serious dive vacation, this is a great spot!