Bordeaux is located on the western Atlantic coast of France. It is famous for its wines, Gascogne for its Cognac. But also for those not primarily interested in alcoholic beverages this region has a lot to offer, Beautiful mountains in the Pyrenees, great beach resorts such as Biarritz and many medieval towns and castles. The Dordogne valley isn’t far away either.

North of Bordeaux Poitiers is an excellent base for exploring the Charente and the Poitou. La Rochelle is one of the most attractive seaside towns in France with many 17-th century mansions. La Rochelle made its fortune in the trade with the new world. The Ile doleron is the second largest French island and has a lot of sandy beaches.

The Basque region in the south is the country of the Euskari people as the call themselves. They have lived in this region since the dawn of times and their language is apparently unrelated to any other language in the world. Their battle for independence has been going on for centuries, but on the French side of the border things are safe.

How To Reach Bordeaux

You can reach Bordeaux in three hours from Paris if you take the TGV (speed train). Bordeaux is also two hours from Spain, a few minutes from the Aquitaine Atlantic shore, three hours from the Pyrenees and near vibrant Toulouse. There are countless day trips to delight almost anyone.

The city has a tram system through its downtown, as well as a clean and reliable bus system. It is a very walkable city as well, with extensive pedestrian areas.

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