Borgio beer is the best recognized brand in Mongolia and APU’s flagship brand. Mongolians have known and loved Borgio since 1927. Borgio, with its values of friendship and honesty, is embraced by ordinary Mongolians, who prefer to share beer moments with friends. Its bold but easing taste attracts beer admirers and whole nation appraised the drink as the national emblem of Mongolian pub society.
Borgio is brewed traditionally for full, distinctive and classic character. Neither malt nor hops are distinctive, but both are in good balance with a touch of sweetness, providing a smooth yet crispy refreshing beer. Since being introduced, the Borgio brand has grown to become the top-selling value beer.
Bottling: 500 ml glass bottle; 30 and 50 liter kegs; 2 liters PET
Alc. By Volume: 5.5%
Color: light yellow
Ingredients: Light malt, hops and water Since: 1927
Silver medal, Monde Selection, World Quality Institute, Belgium, 2004
Borgio Gold is a full-flavored pilsner that is still brewed according to its original recipe. Borgio Gold is crisp and pure beer with blended layers of premium hop aromas, brewed for the perfect balance of flavor and refreshment.
Bottling: 330ml, 500 ml glass bottle
Alc. By Volume: 5.2%
Since: 2005
Awards:Silver medal, Monde Selection, World Quality Institute, Belgium, 2007

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