Braganca is a city and a municipality in north-eastern Portugal and the capital of the district of Bragana, in Alto Tras-os-Montes.It lies on a branch of the Sabor River south of the Culebra Mountains.The seat of the municipality is the city of Braganca, which consists of two parishes.


There is a sort of castle which belonged to the Dukes of Bragana, who supplied the last royal family in Portugal, but it wasn’t their main residence. Near it are two amazing things: the first is a pillory rising from the back of a prehistoric stone pig.

Notable landmarks in the city include the 12th-century Domus Municipalis (Portugal’s oldest and largest town hall), the Renaissance cathedral, and the old town walls, which are still well preserved and look down on the river and the modern city. In the city there is a well kept museum.

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