Bremen is rich in history, sailors, fairy tale characters and bordering on the North Sea, Bremen smells of fish and salt air and the town center is a trip back in time. You can take the Fairy Tale Road to Bremen – visit the statue of the Bremen Town Players and head to the Boetterstrasse to see the churches and the incredible 14th century architecture. The town center was built in the 1400s and Bremen is the second oldest city republic in the world still in existence, after San Marino. The feel of the city is old and comfortable, full of great architecture- it is easy to imagine you are in a different century visiting here.


Many of the sights in Bremen are found in the Altstadt (Old Town), an oval area surrounded by the Weser River, on the southwest, and the Wallgraben, the former moats of the medieval city walls, on the northeast. The oldest part of the Altstadt is the southeast half, starting with the Marketplace and ending at the Schnoor district.

The Marketplace (Market square) is dominated by the opulent facade of the Town Hall. The building was erected between 1405 and 1410 in Gothic style, but the facade was built two centuries later (160912) in Renaissance style. Today, it hosts a restaurant in original decor with gigantic wine barrels, and the wine lists boasts more than 600exclusively Germanwines. It is also home of the twelve oldest wines in the world, stored in their original barrels in the Apostel chamber.

Rhododendron Park, Ethnological museum, Promenade on the banks of the Weser, Space Park visitor’s centre are also great sights in Bremen.

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