Breice is one of the largest municipalities on Slovenia’s southeastern border with Croatia. Lying at the confluence of two of this nation’s largest rivers, the Sava and the Krka, it also stands at the juncture of a number of important international traffic routes. Breice prides itself on a rich historical and cultural heritage, the genesis of which predates the Roman era. The development of this district has been revealed by way of various archaeological finds and is also exhibited through a number of ethnological collections, the magnificent Breice and Mokrice Castles, several smaller manor houses in the vicinity as well as numerous churches. The Posavje Museum, with its archaeological and ethnological exhibits, Peasants’ Revolt and modern history collections, is one of the largest, richest and most beautifully arranged regional museums in the country. It is housed within Breice Castle which, with its Knights’ Festival Hall and unique Baroque murals, is itself a museum piece. From a more recent era, indeed this century, is the water tower which helps define the town’s skyline, as well as the interesting double arches of the 527-m long iron bridge, which span the Sava and Krka rivers.

The abundant sources of thermal water hereabouts have brought about the development of the largest natural spa and the second largest tourist centre in Slovenia – the Terme Cate Thermal Health Resort. Breice also offers a wealth of possibilities for the visitor – recreation and entertainment as well as sports – including hunting and fishing.
The undulating hills, ideal for fruit growing and viticulture – indeed the vineyarded hills of the Bizeljsko and Piece districts are renowned for their top quality wines- Vino Breice, Istenic wine cellar, etc – together with the vast deciduous forests, endow Breice with a verdancy all its own. These features, in tandem with the rich waters of the Sava and Krka, as well as the nearby Sotla river, and a favourable climate, ensure that Breice-Terme Cate is the ideal place to spend a holiday. The inhabitants of Breice are hospitable. They will happily invite you in their vineyard cottage, have a chat and make a toast. The reasons for visiting Breice are, therefore, numerous, you just have to try and see that it is worthwhile. Having visited Breice once, you will wish to return often and each time discover something new.

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