Bristol is the largest city in the south west of England, with a population of approximately half a million. Historically a county in its own right, it lies between Somerset and Gloucestershire and is properly entitled the City and County of Bristol. It also has a great history as a major trading port in the 19th century, wine/spirits, shipping,(Isambard Kingdom Brunel) and John Cabot who ‘discovered’ the ‘new continent’ (Canada/U.S.A.) in the Matthew in 1497.

There are plenty of historical areas to visit including the suspension bridge, designed by Brunel as was also the SS Great Britain which is displayed now in the docks after being reclaimed from the Falklands in the 70’s, and is still being repaired but looks great. Well worth a visit. Bristol has a variety of Victorian & Georgian period buildings highlights include the Cresent in Clifton village and Queen Square near the waterfront which is the second largest perfect square in Europe and includes the first American Consulate. Famous Bristolians include Cary Grant and Wallace & Gromit. Bristol also has a superb zoo and just north of Bristol is Filton. It was there that the British Concordes were manufactured and one of them is presently on display at a museum on Airbus territory. Rolls Royce also make engines there. Bristol is also home to some great nightlife.

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