Buddhist Culture in Nepal

Nepal is famous for Buddhist art and architecture, paintings, scriptures, woodworks, metal works which reflect the Buddhist thoughts and way of life. Almost all the usable things contain some kind of art that reflects the Buddhist teachings. Buddhist culture of Nepal Mandala is the manifestation, a fully blossomed flower of Mahayana Buddhism with all the basic characteristics of a fully developed culture. It is developed in a definite geographical location and is shared by majority of the people inhabiting the territory. It has passed from generation to generation through the religious and social institutions which have been developed by the culture. It has its own healing system. All these aspects of the culture are integral part of Swayambhu. It has continued through different historical period adjusting through the changing environment. It has developed its own scripts, literature and education system. Now at the present moment it is facing difficulties for its survival.

Nepalese Buddhists are very fond of devotional songs and dances. They have developed different musical instruments. Religious feelings rather than other emotions are expressed through their songs and dances. Charya Geet is a famous music sung mainly by the Vajracharyas, the Buddhist priests.

Buddhist culture of Nepal Mandal has a graded path of learning system for the spiritual development of the individuals as a member of the vihara community. Starting with the theory and practice of the Sravaka vehicle they participate in the activities of Paramitayana and after that the interested people enter into the highest Yoga Tantra of the Vajrayana vehicle.

The locations inside Nepal has already formed an internal Buddhist circuit tour, which provides insight into the life of Lord Buddha and the development of Buddhism. There are 62 archaeological sites scattered outside the Lumbini garden and the tour currently goes through Tilaurakot, Kudan, Gothiwa, Nigilhawa, Sagarhawa, Aurorakot, Devdaha and Ramgram which are all associated with the life, enlightenment and death of Buddha.