Buddhists Pilgrimages in Nepal

There are Buddhists all over Nepal and hence Buddhist monuments are all over Nepal.In Kathmandu valley there is 2000 years old impressive stupa of Swoyambhunath and world’s biggest stupa at Bouddhanath.The Bouddhanath stupa is 1500 years old and is more popular among the many Tibetan refugees living in Kathmandu.Nepal is can be the best Buddhist pilgrimage site in the world to experience the Tibetan Buddhism and other branches as well as. There are thousands of years old Monasteries in the Kathmandu valley and outside as well as. The Buddhist site not just offer a sightseeing tour but offer an experience to it by self like Buddhist meditation, way of living non violence and study Buddhist culture. Inside the Kathmandu valley the city of Patan is dominantly Buddhists and has places like Mahabouddha Temple and Hiranya Varna Mahavihar to show you.On the outskirt of Kathmandu in the hill is the stupa of Namobuddha, small but old, active and highly revered. There are many Gumpa (Tibetan teaching school) and monastery in Kathmandu valley only. The most popular are Swyambhunath, Boudhanath, Pharping Gumpa, Kopan Gumpa, Seto Gumpa and many others. Seeing the devotees even in the early morning to the monasteries and in Sputa can inspire you such as bowing to Buddha.

Lumbini today houses the pond where Buddha was bathed after he was born and a temple which has images of young Buddha with his mother.There is also a Stone pillar which is one of such many pillars put by the famous Indian emperor Ashoka to mark the important sites related to Buddha’s life.

For any Buddhist tourist around the world, a pilgrimage to a holy Buddhist destination is, perhaps, the one that gives maximum satisfaction. It is a journey that brings them closer to their religion by enhancing their appreciation for its principles, beliefs and philosophies and not only for buddhist tourist these places give charm and peace to anybody during their visit here.

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