Buea : South West Region

Buea : It s a port city in the Anglophone zone , constructed on the slopes of mount Cameroon . It was the capital of the country in 1909 under German colonization . Buea was the Capital of west Cameroon from 1961 to 1972 , it became capital of the southwest province . The culture is rich , especially referred to as juju . The maleh dance is the most popular in the region as the men express their masculinity through it .
Touristics sites

Mount Cameroon : about 4090in altitude !
Palm oil , pepper and tea plantations of the CDC .
The Muea Market .
The Buea handicraft center .
The Tole tea Plantation .
The virgin forest at the foot of Mount Cameroon .
Solidified lava from the 1999 Volcanic Eruption . The recent eruption was in 2004
The Residence of Von Putt Kamer .
The Botanic Gardens of Mile 17 .
Traces of the camp of Von Putt Kamer s close guards.
The crater lake of Debundscha , 6 kms from Limbe .
A Major Touristic event in the Southwest is the mount Cameroon race of hope, occurs in February.
Limbe : Limbe was founded by an English missionary called Alfred Saker in 1858. This town was sold to Alfred Saker by king william of Bimbia and given the name Victoria which was used for 124 years . In 1982, this name was replaced by Limbe . It was in this town that Alfred Saker created the first mission and the first permanent European type of School in Cameroon . Limbe is situated on a depression surrounded by hills , mountains and the Ocean .

Touristics sites

Botanic Garden and the jungle village construction village constructed during the colonial era by English.
Zoo with Chimpazees , reptiles , antelopes…
The fishermen s village down Beach.
The island of Bota , Mondoli and Ndame.
Mile six Beach.

Kumba is the largest commercial town of the South west Region with a large majority of its traders beingNigerians . The Indigenes of Kumba are the Bafaw people , eventhoughothers tribes such as the Bakossis , the Bakundus , The Balongs of the nearby villages are significant . The Town is a melting pot of all other tribes in Cameroon and abroad . The people are open and welcoming hence , you will not be surprised to find the Bassas , Ewondos , Bamilekes , Hausas from Cameroon , the Ibos and Ibio – Ibios from Nigeria and a l arge Ghanean population . A full day around the crater lake , the hikking , the picnicing , the tea – timing , while watching the sun setting in a golden glow below the horizon at dusk . show that never ceases.Thank you . KUMBA – Barombi lake.

Touristics sites

The magnificent crater lake Barombi , located 3 kms from the town and close to the administrative quaters .
The Barombi Mbo Lake .
The Epangha water fall at Mukonje , 11 kms from Kumba .
The Basseng deep swimming pool at Tombel , 40 kms from Tombel Town .
The Ekombe waterfalls , one of the highest in Africa .
The cave at Ekombe .
The Ekombe village , 32 kms from Kumba through Mbonge .
The hot spring at at Ekenzru . 37 kms from Tombel .
The Manenguba Twin lakes at Bangem , 100 kms from Kumba .
The ancient hydroelectric dam at Yke and Pendamboko.