The large village with about 3000 inhabitants is situated in the Micro-region of Upper Repce, in County Vas, in the tourist region of Western Transdanubia, in Hungary. The holiday resort lying on the Repce Plain at the meeting point of Alpokalja and Kisalfold regions is situated 27 and 45 kilometres of Szombathely and Sopron, respectively.


The closeness of the Austrian-Hungarian border is of high significance in the development of both the spa and the region. It is the thermal baths , which has extraordinary characteristics compared to the other famous Hungarian thermal baths as well, that made the name of Buk world-famous. It is a popular destination for both Hungarian and foreign guests wishing to heal and relax. It is no accident, since it has developed into one of Hungary’s most remarkable spas.

The thermal waters of inestimable value and having healing energy, together with the subalpine climate, the environment abound in places of interest, and the well-kept look of the settlement. It is the medical services of a high standard provided in quiet conditions that account for the high recognition.

The Hungarian-style kitchens of the special local restaurants, one of the most wonderful 18-hole golf courts in Europe, the open-air entertainment programmes and musical evenings are all there to assure guests amusement. The three lakes and the River Repce, as well as the forests on the surrounding hills provide pleasant experiences for anglers and hunters or horse-riders, respectively.

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