Bukit Lawang, the Parish of the Orang Utan

Bukit Lawang might be one of the best place to meet this exclusive and unique primate. Bukit Lawang is one of the largest stronghold community of Orang Utan. Bukit Lawang situated at the eastern side of Gunung Leuser National Park, leap with the track of Sungai Bohorok, Medan. With more than 5000 orangutans occupied the jungle, Bukit Lawang considered as the house of the enormous orangutan by the visitor.

Bukit Lawang founded in the early of 1973, set up to preserve the decreasing number of orangutan as the negative result of hunting, orangutan trading and etc. The rehabilitation center helps the orangutans to re-gain their nature habits and trained through certain programs before released to the wild. Once the primate heads the jungle, the rehabilitation center keep provide them with supplement and regular check-up.

If you wish to feed the orangutan directly, there are 2 feeding times 08.30 am and 3.00 pm; you could feed them with milk, bananas and other food supplements supplied by the rehabilitation center. All the activities within the Gunung Leuser National Park should be done under the permit and guide by professional provide by the rehabilitation center. Some visitor argued that the regulations is way too strict and stiff, but the rehabilitation center excuses that the wrong contact by human could harm the orangutan.

By Air – Daily international flights are available, flight from Medan to Singapore, Malaysia. The domestic flight hook up Medan to Jakarta, Aceh, Pekan Baru, Padang, Batam and Pontianak.

Bus – Get to Pinang Baris bus terminals (located at Jalan Gatot Subroto) by taxy from the airport and then take the frequent public bus to Bukit Lawang for 3 hours trip.

If you traveling in group or wish for something more convenient ambiance instead of the public bus, you can rent car that arrange trip through most of the main tourist destination. National Car Rent (+624157744) which located at Jl. Balai Kota 2 is a good alternative for car rental


Over night trekking is the major tourists favorite. Most people choose to have a two days trekking in order to have the chance to witness the Orang Utans and other unique creature in their habitat.

Every single trekking activity should be guided by professional to prevent notorious event that might be occurred in the wild. Make sure to inform the guide if you have special interest to specific flora or fauna before trekking.
Guide rates are including basic meals, guide fees, permit and camping equipment

Ask your guide to visit the bat cave

Jungle Hiking
Bukit Lawang emerge as one of alternative-not to be missed. Leave at the earliest morning so you can have the chance to experience the wild life

Rafting at Sungai Bohorok
Ride the Sungai Bohorok rapids using tubes. This activity should be done under the assistance of guide, the stream can be extremely tough and strong.

To soak the entire Bukit Lawangs beauties, make sure you are in your best healthy, fit and well prepared because the Sumatran jungle is not an easy path.

Bring along mosquito & leech revolting.
Sunscreen and mineral water supply are highly recommended .
Make sure you wear special shoes with grip, since the ground is always slippery.

Long sleeves and long pants are considered as the best outfit to conquer the jungle fiesta, unless you think that you can outshine Tarzan.
Heavy rains are mostly downpour at the afternoon; please bring your rain jacket and a water resistant bag to keep your items.

Do not litter, make sure to collect your trash, any type of trash.
Don’t feed the animal