Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

It may surprise many to know that the small city-state of Singapore is only one of two cities in the world to have a significant area of primary rainforest within its boundaries the other being Rio de Janeiro. Only 12 kilometres from the city, this lush 164-hectare reserve contains more species of trees than the entire North American continent.

Trek through the jungle via well-marked paths and look out for exotic birds, butterflies, monkeys, squirrels and flying lemurs, as well as unique plantlife like the insect-eating pitcher plant. Or hike up Bukit Timah Hill at the nucleus of the reserve Singapores highest point at 164 metres above sea level.

8.30 am – 6.30 pm (daily)


Approximate Touring Time
3 hours

177 Hindhede Drive Singapore 589333

(65) 6468 5736

Getting There
Take the MRT to Newton Station (NS21), then take SMRT Bus 171 and alight here.