Bundoran is a town on the coast of County Donegal, part of the Province of Ulster in Ireland. Attractions include a beach/seafront, golf course and swimming pool with slides.


The shores of ‘Beautiful Bundoran’ can simply be described in three words – rough, ragged and silver. Quite simply the landscape is grey, not in a derogatory sense – it merely captures the essence of the Atlantic… moody skies, dark mystical seas, angry waves , the blue mountains of Darty View and Ben Bulben in the backdrop – a simple pallette of atmosphere. The shoreline itself is a world of discovery with the coastal walk of Roguey an exceptional journey, with the fairy bridges (mysterious blow-holes) and a wishing chair sculpted out of the rocks waiting to be discovered en-route! On a clear day when the sun shines (rare but exquisite) Donegal bay is visible in unique detail, the shores of nearby Mullaghmore and the fishing village of Killibegs acros the bay. The Atlantic swells that hit Bundorans shores are envied globally, particularly in September – October when old Tiki himself dips his finger in the water and sends a gift from the Gods.

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