Bungee Jumping in Australia

Every adventure sport in this world involves a certain degree of risk. Humans have been known for their intrinsic quality of doing the forbidden and maybe that’s why Adventure sports hold such a fascination for people all over the globe. With the advent of new and better means of technology, many new adventure sports are surfacing. Australia is fast turning into an adventurer’s hub. With well-patrolled beaches and sights, activities such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling, exploring the outback and Bungee Jumping are acting as major allure and drawing crowds in huge numbers to it every year.

So if the adventure gets your clock ticking as well, join us on Bungee Jumping in Australia.

The idea of throwing yourself off a high tower towards a shallow pool with a giant rubber band tied attached to your ankles is, to put it mildly, scary as hell for most people. Of all the adventure activities to do in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, there is none other that raises the hairs on people’s backs like Bungee Jumping does. Yet there is a steady and steep increase in the number of people who are experiencing this wondrous Adventure sport every year. It’s all about the fear factor. Bungee jumping for some people is about pushing your limits, challenging your mind and body, and simply being able to say, I did it!

The ‘Bungee Bullet’ in Australia is one of the 10 popular Bungee destinations in the world today. Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, the Bungee Bullet is actually a reverse bungee. Strap yourself into the dual-seat contraption and get shot 164 feet into the air in one second flat. Although many bungee veterans will say that this isn’t the true sport, it is quite an exhilarating experience and an unforgettable experience for those having done it.

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