Burgos is an important travel destination in the North of Spain. The main tourist attraction is the Cathedral, which was completed in 1222. It is modeled after the French cathedral of Burgos and reflects the Gothic style made popular in Spain by the Cistercian Order some time earlier. The cathedral houses the tomb of El Cid, a great knight who fought the Moors in Spain.

Other important sights in town include the Gothic churches of Santa Agueda, San Esteban, San Gil, San Lesmes, San Nicolas de Bari with the stone retable (or reredos) by Francis of Cologne, and Nuestra Senora la Real y Antigua de Gamonal.

Las Huelgas Monastery was founded by Alfonso VIII and has a royal pantheon. It has a museum of rich medieval fabrics.

Among the civil buildings that are worth a visit, El Rey Hospital founded by Alfonso VIII for the pilgrims on their way to Santiago deserves to be mentioned. It still preserves an attractive inner court called Patio de Romeros. In the 15th-century El Cordn House Felipe el Hermoso died and the Catholic Monarchs received Columbus after his return from his second voyage.

Also preserved are remains of the castle, once an important medieval fortress, sections of the walls and the arches of Santa Maria.

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