Bursa is known as the green city. It is a very attractive city and 150km south of Istanbul. It is a very important city in Turkish history since it was the first capital of Ottoman Empire.


The city is frequently cited as Yesil Bursa (Green Bursa) in a reference to the beautiful parks and gardens located across its urban tissue, as well as to the vast forests in rich variety that extend in its surrounding region. The city is synonymous with the mountain Uludag which towers behind the city core and which is also a famous ski resort. The mausoleums of early Ottoman sultans are located in Bursa and the numerous edifices built throughout the Ottoman period constitute the city’s main landmarks. The surrounding fertile plain, its thermal baths, several interesting museums, notably a rich museum of archeology, and a rather orderly urban growth are further principal elements that complete Bursa’s overall picture.

Uludag National Park – The highest area in western Anatolia, Uludag is easily ascended by car or cable-car. The park is about 22 km south of Bursa and is signposted from there. Bursa can be reached by road from Istanbul. The cable-car ascends from Bursa and has an intermediate stop in the alpine meadows of Kadiyayla at about 1000 m elevation. It ends at Sarialan at about 1630 m. Habitats of the park range from maquis on the lower slopes, through deciduous woodland and beech and fir forest to alpine meadows at the highest levels. It is a refuge for mountain birds, such as Lammergeier and other vultures, Golden Eagle and more than 20 other raptor species. Other high-altitude species include Alpine Accentor, rock thrushes and choughs.

Ulu Camii (The Great Mosque) – Ulu Camii is the major mosque of Bursa and a landmark of early Ottoman architecture. It was built by Ali Neccar in 1396-1399. The mosque is large and rectangular, with twenty domes arranged in four rows of five supported by twelve columns. The horizontally spacious and dimly lit interior is designed to feel peaceful and contemplative. It is a beautiful piece of architecture.