Cabarete Fun in Dominican Republic

Cabarete Fun in Dominican Republic generally takes place in the month of February in Cabarete. It is also known as the Cabarete Alegra. The Cabarete Fun, Dominican Republic is one of the most talked about and popular of the events and festivals in the country. Many people actively take part in the celebrations and the competitions while others are mere spectators. No matter how you plan to enjoy your trip in Dominican Republic, you are sure take back lots of lovely memories back to home.
The month of February is usually a month for merry making and enjoying in Dominican Republic. You will find the inhabitants in Dominican Republic celebrating some or the other festival every weekend. You will see merry making flourishing in the streets, hotels, restaurants and the beaches.
During the first weekend, the activities that are generally featured include mountain bike demonstrations and a race. This demonstrations and the race are sponsored by the Iguana Mama Mountain Bike Center.
The second weekend of February also is loaded with fun and merry making. The second weekend features a Kite-Flying Festival. This festival is something to really look out for. The lovely kites of various colors swarm in the sky. The sky itself looks colored. Attend this festival with your family and kids. The kids will be delighted to see the many colorful kites together.
The third weekend of February witnesses the fun-filled Sand Castle Competition. This competition is one of the most popular events of all. This is the competition where both the domestic natives as well as the international tourists bet out their sandy territory and build unbelievable works of art from sand.
The last weekend in February also does not loose the vigor and excitement. The last weekend marks a Surfing and Windsurfing Competition at Playa Encuentro in Cabarete. If you love playing with the waters and are young at heart then you must try out this exciting sport. The excitement of the sport is indeed one that you will never forget all your life.

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