Cafe Culture in New Zealand

When it comes to cafes in New Zealand you are spoilt for choice. Not only in the major cities, but you are also likely to find an excellent selection in the quieter rural towns too.

If you are partial to a cup of good coffee, you are going to love the cafe culture in New Zealand. We have a reputation for excellent coffee, great food and fantastic service.

Especially popular with young people, stopping by a New Zealand cafe has almost become a culture in New Zealand. Cafes are common places to catch up with friends, meet business associates, relax, or to just pop in for your quick ‘coffee fix’. The cafe culture in New Zealand has been influenced by locations from all around the world – bringing a fascinating mix of coffee, food and decor together.

Most New Zealand cafes serve a wide variety of drinks and light snacks. Drinks may include: coffee, tea, herbal teas, hot chocolates, juice, beer and wine (although not all cafes have a liquor licence) just to name a few. Food tends to be light, quick and easy such as tapas, paninis, muffins and salads. It’s pretty much the norm for New Zealand cafes to cater to special dietary requirements, providing vegetarian, vegan, and celiac friendly food.

Children are generally welcome in New Zealand cafes. There is often a selection of toys are on hand, high chairs supplied and even a kids menu available.

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