Cajamarca is a pleasant and attractive town full of good examples of colonial architecture. The Inca emperor Atahualpa was captured here by Pizarro and held prisoner in the Cuarto de Rescate, which still can be visited. The Santa Apolonia hills is the place where he was captured and can also be visited.
Centre of town is the Plaza de Armas where Atahualpa was executed and where you now find a 350 years’ old fountain, tiopary and gardens, as well as a Cathedral without Belfry.

The many old churches and mansions are worth visiting. The Bishop’s Palace, the San Pedro church and the Palace od the Condes de Uceda are among the city’s highlights.

From Cajamarca you can make excursions to Aylambo a village where you can buy ceramics, the termal springs of Playa del Ingles and Llacanora a typical Andean village.