Calitri is located in the region of Campania, about an hour drive from the city of Naples, a region very well known both in Italy and abroad as the homeland of pizza, mozzarella, and of romantic melodies. Calitri offers infinite activities centered around its many local traditions . Thanks to the relaxing atmosphere that Calitri has to offer, long relaxing walks can be enjoyed along the countryside and enjoy the unique and beautiful scenery. Visitors can wander round the medieval village to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the local artisan’s shops and the exceptional regional cuisine among other activities. Courses in traditional ceramics (Calitri is world-known for its artistic ceramics) needle point and arts are available. Many sports including skiing, paragliding, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and hunting can also be practiced. For those seeking more relaxing occupations, soaking in the nearby thermal baths or embarking on exciting culinary or wine itineraries are an attractive option.

The area is steeped in history and tradition and sprinkled with castles and aristocratic palazzos that serve as a testament to the important role it’s played in Southern Italy’s history.

Visiting with Children

Children are especially welcome, as they are traditionally in Italian life, and parents can take advantage of the numerous calitri visiting with children services, activities and sports organized for children. The local ‘feste’ (festivities) include events centered around bridge generations to reflect the community spirit inherited from the days when towns folk of different families and ages would join forces to harvest grains and grapes.

Antico Borgo Calitri

The Antico Borgo Calitri, a stunning residential medieval hamlet, where a select of variety of activities and attractions can Antico Borgo Calitribe found. It takes about an eight minute walk from one side to the other side on the Antico Borgo Calitri. The Borgo is embraced by the more modern part of Calitri and takes about an eight minute walk to get to the more modern section. Calitri is bustling and busy in certain parts of the day where between 1-4pm everyone goes home for lunch or nap, then it become alive again.

Many itineraries to choose ranging from those focusing on medieval archeology, thermal baths, wine production and tasting , to those focusing on traditional arts, learning the local cuisine , ceramics and needlepoint. Visitors can partake in all of these, safe in the knowledge that by doing so they will be helping keep these traditions alive. Alternatively, one can benefit from thecalitri peace and quiet and the relaxed country living to just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
The ‘Antico Borgo Calitri’ is in the oldest section of the 6,500-strong town and is dominated by the castle which predates the 12th century. The town is known to locals as the ‘Positano d’Irpinia’ because its pastel colors and architecture reflect those of the villages on the Amalfi coast. Calitri is surrounded by idyllic countryside interspersed with rivers, lakes, fields, woods and archeological ruins.
Here, old folk traditions are very much woven into every day life, with the whole community working towards keeping their ancestor’s heritage alive and at the same time maintaining the high standards of service that an excellent location, a variety of traditions, and a rich agriculture-based economy permits. Those spending time in the area can enjoy the many village fairs, local food festivals, markets and commemorative processions that take place in the piazzas and the alleys of little villages in Irpinia and Vulture.

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