Camel Racing in Saudi Arabia

If you enjoy all kinds of sporting events then Camel Racing in Saudi Arabia is surely going to interest you. Besides the regular sight seeing, shopping and relishing the Arabian cuisines the Camel Racing in Saudi Arabia forms and important part of the Entertainment in Saudi Arabia and your visit to this desert nation shall not be complete without a visit to the grand Camel Races of the Middle East.
Camel Racing at Saudi Arabia is a commercial event along with being a sport. Just as in case of Horse racing, you can lay your bet on your favorite camel, it is indeed an event for betting and also a major tourist attraction in the region. Camel can run at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour in short sprints, while maintaining a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.
Camel racing in Saudi Arabia is not merely a sporting event but a question of honor and the competition and rivalry among the camel owners is immense and the camels are brought to the sporting ground from around the country. The winning camel is therefore worth thousands of riyals and also brings pride to the trainer and its owner.
Camel races are often held in the King Fahd International Stadium during winters while the King’s Camel Race holds a place as world’s largest camel race and attracts spectators from around the world.
The picture of the mystic Arabia shall not be complete without a camel racing event in the calendar, it is therefore still an interesting Adventure and Recreation in Saudi Arabia. Thus Camel Racing in Saudi Arabia in Asia forms an important part of the Saudi Arabia Travel Guide.

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