Cameroon : Traditions and Costums

Cameroon’s ethnic diversity makes it a contry of rich and vibrant traditions exemplified through the variety of its folklore, its handicraft, its habitant and its life styles. Each region has a specific type of folklore as well as traditions around which the life of the contry and its inhabitants revolves. In the South, storytellers and epic poets animals ‘Bafia, Bikutsi and Assiko ballet dances as wall as other dances that transport the visitor to a world of dream and ancestral myths. In the West, Bamileke dancers enchant the eyes with the thousant colours of their masks and costumes. Finally, the North is the frantic cavacades. Handicrafts can be found everywhere. They are the link between the traditions and modernity found in Cameroon. The West and the North west however are the pride of Cameroon’s art. The towns of Bafoussam, Foumban and Bamenda are well-known for their masks, embroidered costumes and other statuettes

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