Canakkale is situated on the Asian part of the Dardanelles known as ‘the Narrows’ as it is the narrowest part of Dardanelles being just over a kilometer across, the European site is called Eceabat. The city which hosted many civilizations; had been inhabited by the natives who had lived on Biga Peninsula in the Last Chalcolithic Age believed to have started 6000 years ago.


Many travellers come to Canakkale to visit the World War-I Gallipoli Battlefields. Another hot spot nearby is the ancient city of Troy. Where the famous Troyan Horse is located. Here is the place to see and feel that people have been living in this land continuously since 3000 B.C.! Also, Assos (Behramkale) is located 90km south of Canakkale, make sure you visit the area while nearby. Assos in an old historical place.

One can see the Bay of Edremit and Ayvalik at the top of the hill from the Athena temple… Besides the temple ruins of the theater, agora, stoa, churches and Ottoman mosque are at the site.

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