Canoeing Safaris

Upper Zambezi River – A Canoeing Safari on the Upper Zambezi River, is a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the astonishingly beautiful scenery that lines the river before it takes its plunge over the Victoria Falls.
This part of the river is dotted with many islands of varying size; home to many birds and small animals.
This is the route David Livingstone took on his way in search of the rising clouds of mist. It was in fact along these banks that he remarked scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight
Makora Quest, Tongabezi and Chundukwa Adventure Trails offer day trips or overnight trips camping out on the islands or staying at a riverside lodge. Highly recommended if you spend any time at the Falls.
Lower Zambezi River – The Lower Zambezi Canoeing Safari has got to be the ultimate in relaxed excitement, as you canoe through the section of the Zambezi flanked by National Parks on both sides.
Sit back in your comfortable two man canoe and let the river take you along its current. Your armed River Guide will take you down remote channels between the islands in this magnificently diverse and abundant River, where your opportunities to get close to game are very high. Hippos are always in sight, elephant, zebra, puku, impala, buffalo, kudu, waterbuck, baboons and crocodiles can be seen browsing on the banks from the laid back comfort of your canoe.
Several operators run 3 – 5 day trips, over-nighting at very quaint and comfortable bush camps on the banks of the river, with great food and white linen beds.
Some operators offer ‘participatory’ canoeing trips of any duration. All gear is carried in the canoes and camps are erected on islands in the river along the way. Everyone gets involved in setting up camp and cooking. These trips are obviously cheaper and a touch less comfortable, but the thrill of the wilderness is that much more intense.
Operators running canoeing trips on this section of the river are, The Zambezi Canoe Company Chachacha Safaris, Kiambi Safaris, Tongabezi. Safari Par Excellence.
Camps in and around the Lower Zambezi National Park offering Canoeing are : Chiawa Lodge, Kiambi Safari Lodges. Kayila Lodge, Gwabi Lodge, Kingfisher Lodge, Royal Zambezi and Kasaka River Lodge.
Luangwa River Canoe Safaris – The Luangwa River runnning through the Luangwa Valley and South Luangwa National Park is the focal point for intense concentrations of game. Remote Africa Safaris runs exclusive canoeing safaris only during February and March each year when the water is high. Kaingo Camp runs boating safaris in the green season.