Carpathian Mountains

The Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains (Karpaty) are part of Central European mountain system, forming a semicircle through SlovakiaPolandUkraineMoldovaRomania.
This region is very popular tourist destination.

Landscape. The Ukrainian Carpathians are typical mountains of medium height with rock of low resistance. Gentle, broad, and little-dissected ridges and parallel valleys contrast with the deeply incised (up to 1,000 m) transverse valleys with steep slopes that are the result of the relief’s rejuvenation. Only the highest parts of the Carpathiansmainly the Hutsul Alps and Chornohoradisplay a high-mountain landscape owing to past glaciation. Rock fields appear only here and, more markedly, in the Corgany Mountains, but even the highest peaks of the Carpathians are covered with clays and continuous vegetation.

Rivers. The Carpathians are rich in rivers. The Dniester River with its numerous tributaries, the tributaries of the Danube River, including the Tysa River with its tributaries, the Prut River, and others all originate in the mountains. The rivers are fed mostly by snow and rain. Flash floods are common in the spring and summer.

Because of the abundance of mineral springs, a healthy climate, and natural beauty, the Carpathians are the main resort and recreation area in Ukraine after the Crimea. Various mineral springscarbonic acid, salt, iodine salt, bitter, and petroleumoccur.

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