Casamicciola Terme is the oldest thermal town in Europe. It is located between the sea and Mt. Epomeo (789 mt.) in the north of the island. The town is surrounded by the Epomeo forest with beautiful chestnut woods and pathways to climb up.

Casamicciola Terme was famous and renowned in past times as a thermal area for its specially pure and beneficent waters. During 1800 Casamicciola’s thermal baths were frequented by a lot of very important people. This town is famous also because it was struck by many disasters like a terrible earthquake in 1883, in which there were enormous damages and almost a third of the inhabitants of the island died. Nowadays Casamicciola is still the island’s place with the highest seismic danger of the island, because it’s situated on a deep underground fault. Behind the centre of the town there are pine forest and chestnut woods and pathways to climb up the Epomeo mountain.

Accommodation ranges from elegant and luxurious first class hotels to the smaller, comfortable pensione. Apart from a pleasant vacation in the sun and sea, Casamicciola also offers thermal cures, excursions by boat or walks in the woods and mountains.

Casamicciola harbour offers a safe anchorage and all amenities for yachtsmen. In addition to this its long beaches have been developed to ensure an unforgettable vacation for tourists.

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