The Ceibal stelae are among some of the finest and most well-preserved sculptures of the Late Classical Mayan period. This is why Ceibal is often called the Mayan Art Gallery. However, the basic cultural sequence for the Ceibal site can be traced through its ceramics. Pottery figures portray females and males in a style suggestive of the Preclassical figurines of the Guatemala. The occupation of Ceibal began around 800 B.C. (Middle Preclassical period).
The history of the city of Ceibal is written in the stelae that circle the principal plaza and they speak of persons related to the Mayan lineage, among them, those of Tikal. The last stele, chronologically speaking, is interesting because it shows a person with Mexican features,and its design includes features predominantly Toltecan (it marks a new dynasty of Toltecan domination.)

There is also a stela dedicated to a female person in Ceibal.

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