Celebrations in Poland Ahead

Poland is up to join the European Union. Now it’ is just a matter of days even. There are many problems to solve, many fears to overcome but nevertheless everybody is preparing to celebrate that historical event. There many parties, concerts and other cultural events prepared only on the occasion of the European Union extension.

There will be also many official meetings of politicians. Among the most important there is a speech of German President, Johannes Rau in joined chambers of Polish Parliament. Rau is to visit Poland at 30th of April. Two days earlier the Grand Theater will hold a festive concert, starting official celebrations of joining Poland to the EU. All representatives of the most important authorities with celebrities of science and culture are to take a part in the concert entitled The Music of Polish Origins. At the end of April the European Economic Summit will be placed in Warsaw, its participants are also to take seats in the Theater by that special night.

The last day of April the president of Poland, Aleksandr Kwasniewski will lift the flag of the European Union on the Pilsudski square, the most representative area of Polish capital city – Warsaw. It will be performed in accordance with ceremonial provided for official state’s ceremonies with accessory of the Prime minister, the Presidents of the Polish Seym and Upper House, diplomatic corps and personalities engaged in European integration.

The same day TVP – the polish television, together with German ZDF and European Broadcasting Union is preparing a show Welcome Europe performed simultaneously in two stages – one in Berlin and one in Warsaw. The idea of performance is to present artists from countries joining the United Europe. The promoters of the events will also provide connections with Dublin, Cracow and Malta during the concert.

The first day of May, the date of joining to the EU will be celebrated in gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, where on seven stages there will be a happening entitled The Royal Castle – May 2004 performed by artists of the National Philharmonic, the Grand Theater and the Stary Theater from Cracow.

The president of Gdansk had co-founded mast building in the Gdansk Shipyard. They are to be placed in front of the EU Parliament to lift 10 flags of the new members. The mayor of Berlin and 25 ambassadors of 25 European Union empowered in Berlin are expected to fly Poznan on the 1st of may. The visit is a part of joining UE celebrations. In famous Przemysl’s bell-foundry of Jan Fleczynski the unique Bell of Europe had been created for an order of Lublin’s authorities. It will carry an engravement From Lublin Union to European Union – the gift of Lublin’s citizens, what refers to polish historical events. The bell will ring during the festivity of UE enlargement and later it will be moved to one of city’s churches. Citizens of Gdansk will be celebrate accession for following four days joining in happenings, concert and picnics. As a matter of fact each bigger and most of smaller cities will be celebrating that historical event. Poles shares lots of anxieties but the same time they hope and believe that new better, but not easy period of Poland’s history is just to begin.