Central France and the Loire Valley

Chartres is both an ideal day trip from Paris and a good first step to visit central France. The city itself has one of the most beautiful medieval cathedrals in the world and more wonders of the world are close at hand.
The Valley of the roses has higher number of castles per square kilometer than any other region in the world. Drive along the river from Orleans to Tours and you will see them everywhere. Manors, small castles, big castles. Most of them masterpieces of Renaissance art such as Chambord, Usse, Blois or Amboise.
Just south of the Loire region, the Limousin on the western slopes of the Massif Central attracts visitors in search of unspoiled countryside. The CorrAze, Creuse and Haute Vienne contain hills and gorges, and lush green meadows. Numerous ancient village churches dot the landscape as well as more imposing abbey churches and fortresses. Limoges is the most important city in this region
A bit further to the east, the Auvergne with its awe-inspiring non-active volcanoes, lakes, rivers and forests makes it a wonderful destination for the lover of nature. The capital Clermont-Ferrant has many historic sights.

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