Along the coast, after Albenga, we find Ceriale (pop. about 5,000), not far from Arroscia valley and Pennavaire valley it is a nice seaside resort at the foot of Monte Croce (541 meters or 1775 feet). The most famous place is the Bastion which is a circular tower built around 1563 as defense from Saracens raids.

Valuable works of art are housed in the baroque parish church of Santi Giovanni ed Eugenio, while the church of the cemetery, at Peagna, contains traces of frescoes from the fifteenth-sixteenth century. This small village in the immediate hinterland of Ceriale is accessible (a part from the main road) by means of a narrow and gently sloping alley, lined with pots of geraniums and basil. An important cultural festival is staged there in the summer, culminating in a book fair.

The town has a beautiful beach full of attractions and an interesting system of walking path around it, as for example The Fountains / Iba Valley path. It is all one with the nearby Piana di Albenga which is the most fertile land in Liguria for vegetable products, exported all over Italy and the world.

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