Chai Mountain You Love to Visit

The Chai Mountain, Kaohsiung is among many of the popular Tourist Attractions in Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung City is in southern Taiwan and is also the second largest city in Taiwan. Many of Kaohsiung Tours feature visits to the Chai Mountain, Kaohsiung. The Chai Mountain in Kaohsiung is also known as Chaishan or Shoushan (Shou Mountain).
The Chai Mountain, Kaohsiung is situated at the southwest area in Kaohsiung city. The mountain is a hillock with coral reef geologic characteristics heading north to south. This Kaohsiung Attraction was also called Gold Bury Mountain, Dog Beating, Unicorn Mountain or Drum Beating Mountain in the past. The Chai Mountain of Kaohsiung is the natural land mark of Kaohsiung City. The mountain was finally populated by Pin Pu Tribe, the early Dog Beating community.
While visiting the Chai Mountain, Kaohsiung you will find lush green trees on the mountain side. A number of tourist attractions in Kahsiung tops the list of must-visits and some of them are Chien Gwan Temple, Fa Hsin Temple, Won Shou Mountain Park, the Martyrs Shrine, the Zoo and Yuan Heng Temple. From the Shou Mountain Zoo walk along the footpath and you will come across the limestone cave areas of Shou Mountain scenic area.
Follow the twisty narrow limestone caves and be amazed at the crystals formed from the milky stones of stalagmites and stone pillars. Another place to visit on Chai Mountain, Kaohsiung is Won Shou Mountain Park. This park is also called Shou Mountain Park which is covered with lush greenery. From the mountain the roads encircle and reach all directions. From here you can enjoy view of the Kaohsiung harbor, enjoy the sunset in Si Tze Gulf and night view of Kaohsiung City.
This Kaohsiung Attraction also houses the Nature Preservation Area for Taiwanese Macaques. You can also watch other rare large mammalian animals, reptiles and birds at Won Shou Mountain Zoo. The zoo also features the biggest wall-painting of mosaic. You can also see the Martyrs Shrine next to the Chai Mountain, Kaohsiung. The shrine has a Chinese palace style structure and has green woods on both sides. There are two ancient cannons of Manchu Dynasty preserved on the mountain.

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