Chandi Mandir

Chandi Mandir of Chandigarh is popular not only because of the fact that Chandigarh derives its name from it, but also for its own legacy, which dates back many years. The temple’s location makes it even more beautiful – it provides a great view of the Shivalik hills. Hundreds of people visit the temple every year, to offer prayers to the deity. It is believed that if a person worships the Goddess Chandi with immense devotion, his/her wish would be definitely granted. Not only the devotees, but even the tourists visiting Chandigarh make it a point to pay a visit to the Chandi Devi Temple.One of the booming hotspots of India, Chandigarh encompasses a number of tourist attractions.

Chandi Mandir – the temple dedicated to Chandi, the Goddess of Power – deserves special mention. Apart from the goddess, Chandi Devi Temple also encompasses the beautiful images of Radha-Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Lord Rama.

Chandi Mandir is well suited for excursions as well. Reaching the beautiful temple would not cost you much time or money, because it is just 15 kilometers away from the city of Chandigarh. To be precise, the temple is located on the Chandigarh – Kalka road. The stunning surroundings and magnificent interiors of the temple would make you simply awestruck and unable to leave the place, without exploring it thoroughly. The best time to visit the temple is the festive occasion of Navratri.