Chandigarh Botanical Gardens

Chandigarh Botanical gardens are one of the main tourist attraction places of this beautiful city. There are two botanical gardens in Chandigarh, India, one located in the Punjab University and another between the Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake in Sector 1.Among the lovely picnic spots of this beautiful city, these botanical gardens adorn a prominent place.

The botanical garden of Punjab University has distinctive varieties of plants.The large collection of typical varieties of plant species arranged in a systematic form is the characteristic feature of the garden, which lies in the University Campus. Cacti and other luscious plants are cornered in one side of the garden, while the other area contains numerous exotic and evergreen plants. Another special trait of this picturesque place is the dazzling lotus flowers over here. On one corner, you can find cacti and succulent plants, while; the other corner contains several evergreen and exotic plants.The botanical garden that lies between the rock garden and Sukhna Lake is spread on an area of 88 acres. The best part about this garden are the rare species of plants and small lily pools.