Changhua is more popular as the granary of Taiwan. This place has the most beautiful location in Taiwan. It is surrounded by mountains to the north, south, and east. Towards the west Changhua faces the Taiwan Straits.


The picturesque locale of the place makes it the most visited place in the country. It is known for its innumerable attractions. Some such attractions include:

Tianjhong Forest Park – The park stretches along the mountain, overlooking the Changhua Plain and the Taiwan Strait. Besides a forest, the park also has tables, chairs, amusement facilities and some sports equipment. The forests are suitable for hiking and have perfect mountainous scenery. The track is 3 kilometers long and you will take about 2 hours to finish the track.

Changhua Buddha Statue – On a hillside park overlooking the small city of Changhua you can come across an impressive hollow statue of the Buddha. Visitors can view the nearby area through the eyes of the 86 feet high hollow statue.

Martial Temple – This temple is a combination of education and religious worship. It serves the functions of temple, shrine, and school something which is rarely seen in Taiwan.

Dadu River Estuary – The Dadu River Estuary is the best bird watching site on Changhua. Because of the migratory birds crossing the Pacific Ocean bird watching is quite an unique experience here.

Dafo Scenic Area – This is a black body Sakya Big Buddha statue. It is the most special landmark of the place. The whole body is curved with the ferroconcrete sculpture. It has a length of about 7.2 feet. The length of the shoulder is about 13 feet, and the length across the chest is 44 feet. There are 6 sections divided in the inner part of the statue. The lowest part is the Buddhist sanctuary. The second to the 5th floor is dedicated to the lifetime achievement of the Buddha. Around the Big Buddha visiting area, there is a park layout. It includes natural biome garden area, athletic garden area, and visitor service center. All these make the Parkland more diversifying.

Apart from these there are other attraction which make the place a riveting spot for tourists.