Channel Islands National Park in California of USA

The California – Channel Islands National Park has five of the eight channel island near the coast of the state of California in USA in the Pacific Ocean. The islands in the park stretch along the southern California coast and extend from Point Conception near Santa Barbara to San Clemente Island, which is southwest of Los Angeles. The Park headquarters as well as the Robert J. Lagomarshino Visitor Center are situated in the Ventura city.
The California – Channel Islands National Park was designated a U. S. national Monument on APRIL 26, 1938 And a National Biosphere Reserve in 1976. On March 5, 1980, it was promoted to a National Park.
The California – Channel Islands National Park has a wide variety of natural and cultural resources. The park houses over 2,000 species of plants and animals. But, only three mammals are local to the islands. The park has animals like Island Scrub Jays, harbor seals, island fox, island night lizard, American kestrels, meadow larks, brown pelican, sea lions, spotted skunk, barn owls and horned larks. There are one hundred and forty-five species which can only be found in this park only. The marine life includes microscopic plankton as well as the endangered blue whale, which is the largest animal on the planet. The park has a total area of 1010 sq km, half of which are below the ocean.
The California – Channel Islands National Park has an annual visitor count of around 300,000 people. Most of the visits are during summer, while in winter and spring the migratory gray whales and the colorful wildflower displays pulls the visitors. During Autumn, the Park is ideal for driving as well as travel as the day is sunny, with clear ocean water and less wind.