Cherrapunjee A Paradise

Knap sackers on the trail of beauty, beauty that lies in the vastness of nature, the looming mountains and the poignant silence of the surroundings may find Cherrapunjee a paradise. Though known as the wettest place on earth, Cherrapunjee has the wealth that is not yet explored. While on your way to Cherrapunjee tourist guides may just not venture beyond Noh-sngithiang and Noh-kalikai falls but you must keep in mind that there is much in Cherrapunjee than waterfalls and rains.

With just 90 minutes drive from Shillong on a clear day, Cherrapunjee is ready to shower you with all the magic it treasures. On your way to this spectacular place you may pass Mylliem where you can see the old method of black smithy. You can stop at Duwan Singh or Mawkdok Bridge and drink in the breathtaking beauty of nature, for it is the beginning of Cherrapunjee circuit. it is from this point one can spot an abrupt change in the scenery. The winding mountainous terrain will take you through the spectacles of lush green vegetation until you reach a small hamlet called Sohra-rim, the original Cherrapunjee village or Sohra.

A few kilometers before reaching Cherrapunjee, is the magnificent Dainthlen waterfall. While on your way to this spectacular waterfall you will come across the gentle ruffling grasslands and long stints of rocks that are splendid. The upstream presents some beautiful rock formation until the point where water cascades in amazing force forming froths. Beyond the falls is the Rangjyrthei village, an ancient place with smelting kilns.

Nature lovers should stray for 5 kilometers or so to enjoy the pristine beauty of the ethereal Mother Nature. On approaching Cherrapunjee, the imposing Ram Krishna Mission steals your breath away as in the backdrop of such beauty the educational institution can be incomparable to the other institutions in the world. Don’t forget to taste the juicy oranges of Cherrapunji as well as carry a jar of orange honey.

The most spectacular of waterfalls of Meghalaya, the Nohkalikai falls thunders down creating a deafening sound and the swirling mists covers the area almost blinding you of the near vicinity. If you hold your patience for few more minutes the mists will clear for a moment and you have to hold your breath for the beauty that you would spot for some seconds would remain with you for months to come. These awesome waterfalls of Cherrapunji are seasonal fed, as it is only in the monsoons can you enjoy their spectacular charisma.

Entering the main Cherrapunji you will come across an old church of ancient architecture. It is the oldest Presbyterian Church established in 1835. In the heart of the town is the Ka-kpep Syiem or the royal cremation ground. It is here members of the royal family were cremated.

Many frequent the monolithic beauty of the Mawlong peak, popularly known as the David Scott memorial, that offers a birds eye view as well as a lovely picnic spot. Moreover, visiting the Mawlong caves is another thrilling experience. The majestic waterfall of Noh-sngithiang often known as the seven sisters is another of the magnificent waterfalls of Cherrapunji that cascades into silvery rivulets.

Beside all these much more to explore there.