Chiayi is a famous city in southern Taiwan. It is the capital of the Chiayi County. It lies on a coastal plain. The county is a major sugarcane and lumber center. The county is a major sugarcane and lumber center.

Chiayi is one of the oldest cities of Taiwan. The town has still managed to cling to the traditional culture that marked the history of the place. The chief occupations of the residents here are agriculture, fishery, forestry, animal husbandry, and salt mining. Keeping in touch with its hallowed culture, folk arts and traditional handicrafts are still an essential part of Chiayi tradition.


The history of the city dates back to the 1700’s. Buddhist shrines dating to the past can be found around the region. Warm springs dot the region in plenty. Some of the most visited places in Chiayi are – Ali Shan or Mount Ali , Orchid Lake, The Chiayi Museum, The Chiayi Park .

Other spots include Lantan which is a huge lake. It turns into a crowded spot of moon gazers in the mid-autumn festival. The Yimin Pagoda is another such place of attraction. It was built to commemorate the sacrifice of 500 brave people of the city. They lost their lives in a local revolt. A shady park surrounds the pagoda and is a lovely place to visit. Another major tourist attraction for the tourists in Chiayi is the dragon boat race. The race is a pageant which bears the color and tradition of the ancient Chiayi.

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