Chiclayo is an important town on the northern coast, founded in the 1560-ies by a Spanish priest. About 400 000 people live here. It is busy place and an economically important town. As a tourist attraction, the city itself hasn’t got much to offer, besides a nice Plaza de Armas, a huge market area and a cinema.

The reason to come to Chiclayo, is the Bruening Archaeological Museum which exhibits the unique pieces found in the Piramid of Sipan. The museum is located in Lambayeque which is just 11 km north of Chiclayo. From the outside it’s incredibly ugly, but as they say, it’s the inside that counts.

Nearby beaches are attractive, with the two coastal towns of Santa Rosa and Pimentel you can reach for just one sol. If you’re lucky you can see ancient Inca technology in action, as the fishermen use the same little cane boats used in Lake Titicaca.

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