Chih-pen is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Taiwan. This settlement in southeastern Taiwan was first developed as a resort during the beginning of the 20th century by the Japanese rulers. Eventually, Chih-pen became one of the favorite holiday resort in the country. Since then, Chih-pen in Taiwan is frequented by a number of regional and international travelers every year.


It is one of the popular tourist destination in Taiwan, you will find it easy to reach the place. If you are traveling from Taitung, you can avail a taxi that will take you to your desired destination in just 20 minutes. Chih-pen is a small settlement located southwest of Taitung. What draws travelers to the village is the hot springs and resort on the outskirts of Chih-pen.

The beautiful Chih-pen river is a must see during you tour. While you travel to Chih-pen, visit the Chihpen Forest Park. Offering you one of the finest hiking trails in the country, this forest park is accessible by means of a suspension bridge that crosses the Chih-pen river and sways disconcertingly when walked over.

Hot spring resorts are especially popular in Taiwan for their curative properties. You will be amazed to see tourists flocking to these thermal springs all through the year. Even during the summers, the hot springs in Chih-pen are crowded. One of the most popular Chih-pen attractions, the novelty of the natural gushing hot water never seems to fade off for tourists. You will find a number of people cooking eggs and instant noodles in the water of the springs. It is one of the most favored pastimes in Chihpen.

The rustic settlement may be unremarkable, but the tourist attractions in Chih-pen allure a number of travelers from all across the globe. You can savor some fabulous local delicacies at the restaurants in the city. The meandering roads along the mountains are ideal for hiking and walking tours. You can also explore the scenic regions on rented scooters. You will be enthralled beholding the secluded and cascading waterfalls and spectacular views across the Taitung plain to the sea.