Chimanimani National Park

Chimanimani is the name of both the village and the mountain range. The National Park is the southernmost section of the Eastern Highlands, a hundred and fifty kilometres from the town of Mutare. It is an area of yellow wood trees and cedar, protea, ferns and orchids, clear mountain pools and waterfalls. These African heights are quite lofty, at over two thousand metres and are still very wild. Accessible only by foot from a Base Camp, you can walk up an ancient pathway trod by travellers crossing these mountains from Mozambique. As the park is only seven kilometres wide in any given direction it is easy to stumble across the border. This was a no-go area during the war of independence and landmines were a real hazard in the area.

Eastern Highlands, East of Masvingo

Open – All year round

How to get there
By road

Walking and camping inside the park with a hotel, caravan and camping site outside the park at Chimanimani village


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