China Town Hotels

China Town is one of the most culturally and traditionally important place in Singapore. The colorful culture and tradition paints the city with an eternal charm. Today’s lively town was once a tragic part of Singapore when it faced man made calamity. The tragic wars caused a high death rates leaving behind many torn families and orphans. However, the courageous nature Chinese did not succumb to the circumstances and pulled together in high spirit to shape the lively Chinatown. You need to stay in one of the hotels China Town Singapore in order to explore the region.

“Niu Che Shui” is also a Chinese name of Chinatown which literally means bullock’s carts’ water. The town got this name in the early days when Singapore faced water crisis and people used bullock carts to carry water buckets from a distant place. Come out from your China Town hotels Singapore and take a ride around. You will be filled with the nostalgic feeling of living in the past of this elegant Island. Chinatown served as a great shelter for people during the Japanese invasion in the past. You can come to this place for an ultimate experience. Visitors from all across the globe are welcomed by the inhabitants of this cosmopolitan place. Rich traditions and cultures of Asia are quite abundant in this area.

And of course, the cuisines and palatable dishes are great appetizers. Chinatown’s restaurants feature world’s major cuisines for you. There are many places of your great interest. Temples, mosques, markets, shopping centers and parks are in abundance and some of are old enough to be known as treasures. You can still find the people worshipping the religious monuments on an important occasion. Some of the great attractions await you near your China Town hotels Singapore are:

• Masjid Al Abrar
• Srimariamman Temple
• The Southern Hotel
• Tian Hock Keng Temple
• Chinatown Complex
• Maxwell Market