Chinggis Vodka draws on 800 years of Mongolian history; the great legacy of Chinggis Khaan, and the centuries-old vodka stilling technique practiced by Mongolian’s nomadic people. Vodka was traditionally used for medicinal, as well as consumption purposes. Premium Chinggis Vodka is manufactured to international standards, utilizing state-of-the art technology. This commitment to excellence is conveyed in the purity and smoothness of the product, which stimulate your senses when enjoying Premium Chinggis Vodka.The successful introduction of the new quality management system in the company has opened an opportunity to compete in foreign markets.The company sells its Chinggis brand under the name of GRANDKHAAN in the USA, UK, Canada, North and South Korea and EU The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has nominated the Chinggis (GRANDKHAAN) vodka as The Best export product of Mongolia, and the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia jointly with the Union of Mongolian Artists awarded the product in the category of the Best Package and Design. It is the best selling vodka in the Mongolian market taking up 30% of the premium distilled spirit market share. Chinggis (GRANDKHAAN) brand has successfuly participated in the 61st exhibition of the Association of Alcohol Dealers of all America and Exhibition of Suppliers to the Bars, Restaurants and Hotels in Canada and it has received a fair evaluation from the experts at the same level as the top brand products such as the Absolut, Smirnoff and Stolychnaya. In 2007, the Chinggis brand was presented with a special award at the United Vodka Competition, and it has further received a Superior Taste award at the International Competition organized by the International Taste and Quality Institute.
51226; Distilled from 100 % of the finest organic wheat grain
• Water filtered through the specially activated birch tree charcoal
Production Information:
• Nine times filtration
• GC Analysis
Tasting Notes:
• Pleasing nose of pure wheat grain spirit
• Soft and smooth entry
• Quick and clean finish
• Perfectly adaptable to all of your favorite cocktails
• A tamper proof closure with a security seal
Export Markets:
• Canada
• South Korea
• Russian Federation
• Hungary
• Bulgaria
• England
• Kazakhstan
• and EU
• The Best Export Product, The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• The Best Package and Design, The Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia & The Mongolian Craftsmen’s Association
• Supremacy People’s Food, Healthy Food Expo 2005
• Superior Taste Award for Remarkable product with 2 stars in 2007 organized by International Taste and Quality Institute, Belgium
• United Vodka competition -2007 ( Quality product medal organized by COMINTERN SCRI, Belgium)
Technical Information:
• ISO9001:2000 International Quality Authority System
• MNS 179:2001, Mongolian National Standard
• Alcohol Content: 39 %
• Proof: 80
• Aldehyde: 1.02 mg/l
• Methanol: 0.014 %
• Alkalinity: 0.8 ml
• Water Hardness: 0 dH
Notes of experts and degustators:
• Design and bottle: clear, fully bottled and securely sealed
• Colour: colourless liquid 4 points (max 3-4)
• Aroma: special smooth aroma of ethyle spirit 14 points (max 13-14)
• Taste: special smooth taste of ethyle spirit 14 points (max 13-14)
• A tamper proof closure with a security seal
• 50 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml, 750 ml
• Frosted and clear glass bottles
• Bottle producer- NBC manufacturer in China (Shangdong province, Yangtai).

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