Chin-men The Chin-men is one of the major tourist destinations of Taipei that attracts tourists from all across the globe. The Chin-men province, also called as Chinmen Islands or even Quemoy Islands lies in the Taiwan Strait. The islands are located 6 km (4 mi) offshore from the Chinese mainland. The islands are closest to the Chinese city of Xiamen. Chin-men attract tourists with its amazing beauty and the activity options. Chin-men offer great facilities for vacationers and other type of travelers to enjoy a great stay. The travelers will be greeted by the friendly locals who will make them feel at home.


The region of Chin-men is a renowned tourist destination in Taiwan that is visited by many visitors throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy the best of the vacation in this island, which is surrounded by water in its every front. Fun never stops in Chin-men with its various elements. The visitors will get loads to explore and enjoy in Chin-men. The visitors can also enjoy the fun activities stored for them near the water bodies of the island.

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