Chin-shan is one of the sought after Tourist Destinations in Taiwan. Chin- shan Travel will stay in your vivid memories for a long time as it is one of the scenic cities to be found in the country. Chin-shan provides you with a charming feeling as it is surrounded by scenic mountainous landscape and meandering rivers. The geographical location of Chin-shan suggests that it lies in the northern part of the country and is a mountainous area. The entire city is surrounded by mountainous terrains which provide it with a scenic appearance.

As most parts of Taiwan, the climate of Chin-shan is tropical marine in character. The tropical marine influence suggests pleasant weather all the year round.


The prevalence of the Quing dynasty and the ancient places which are found in the place suggests their dominance. The city was at first a very small village but gradually developed into one of the major Tourist Destinations in Taiwan.


There are a number of tourist attractions which are found in the city and some of them can be termed as the Lions Head Mountains and Ju Ming Museum.

There are many traditional shops in the city. These shops sell handicrafts items which are made in the remote villages of the mountainous areas. The various items are very meticulously crafted and comprises of baskets, pottery and carpets.


The various Taiwanese cuisines which are found in the city of Chin- shan provides you with an authentic flavor and you can relish them at the many restaurants found over there. Apart from Taiwanese food you can also savor some of the best international cuisines also.

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