Chittagong is the main port and second-largest city of Bangladesh with a population of about 7 millions. The city is surrounded by a wonderful geographical combination of Sea shore, river, hill and green plain, which makes it the most naturally beautiful city of Bangladesh.

As a natural port, it has long been a meeting place of world’s many major trading nations like Arabs from 9th centuries, Portuguese in the 16th centuries. Before Mughals captured it in 1666, it was ruled by different Burmese and Arakanese monarchies, and for few times under the Portuguese control. Many old Portuguese structures are seen in different parts of the city which reminds it’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic heritage. Under British rule, The eastern railway Headquarters was set up in Chittagong. Many Victorian style structures in the city still reminds of the British presence in this city. It is becoming as the nations second mega city with all sorts of international standard eminitiess. The city is located on Karnaphuli River on the Bay of Bengal.

Among the citys sights are several tombs and religious shrines including the Tomb of Sultan Bayazid Bostami (note the hundreds of tortoises in the tank representing evil souls). The Shah Jame Mosque built on a hillside offers excellent views. The 14th-century Qadam (Kadam) Mubarak Mosque contains whats said to be a footprint of the Prophet.

Other attractions include the ethnological museum in Agrabad the World War II Military Cemetery (graves of British Australian and other soldiers) the 300-year-old Portuguese Arsenal (interesting architecture) and the harbor area (called the Sadarghat its the city’s oldest area).

It has several eye catching sea beaches as well as Worlds longest sea beaches to attract tourist. The most beautiful city Chittagong is known as the gateway to Asia.