Chiu-fen is one of the exotic rustic settlements in the northeastern part of Taiwan. Beautifully nestled amid the mountainous regions, Chiu-fen in Taiwan is a popular destination. Every year a host of regional and global tourists flock to the city. If you are planning for a holiday in Taiwan, make sure that you visit tehis small but beautiful mountain village. Chiu-fen is home to a number of places that draw travelers. Following are some of the information about Chiu-fen.


The scenic setting of the village amidst the mountains and facing the sea makes it one of the fascinating tourist destinations in Taiwan. Such a beautiful location of Chiu-fen has drawn a number of filmmakers. It is for this reason that Chiu-fen has witnessed shooting some of internationally acclaimed movies. With the film Sad City that won first prize in Venice Film Festival, the world came to know about the fabulous attractions in Chiu-fen.

There are some other popular tourist attractions in Chiu-fen as well. If you are interested in exploring the glorious history of Chiu-fen, a visit to the Chin Gua Shi Geology park is a must. The place was earlier an open mineral diggings which were also known as Bain Shan mines, a place with the abundant ores of copper and gold.

The old streets, buildings and the glamorous gold mines are some of the Chiu-fen attractions. All these places in the town tell the tale of the glorious past of the city. You can also visit the famous and unique teahouses in Chiu-fen. While you are visiting the various places in the mountain village, the teahouses are best stopovers. You can also enjoy the beautiful ocean view of Keelung outer sea.