Christ Church

Definately the area for the under 35 to stay….
Plenty of nightclubs, very cool restaurants and bars in the Gap. The Gap is a one street Promenade type with a boardwalk along the water (and amazing sunsets!). We’ll definately stay in the Gap next time though we were only a walk away at Divi.

The other Parishes are just too far by foot if you plan to party. The other Parishes are just too far period unless you plan to sightsee!

I recommend the Reggae vans. They are cheap (if you don’t mind being packed in and they are an experience you can’t miss!). The regular transit buses….VERY scary. The drivers are maniacs and we nearly had some head-ons. Though….I would recommend transit to get to the Crane in St.Philip. Reggae van doesn’t go there yet….

Go to the Crane….it’s beyond words. And say hi to Kim, the GM. She’s from San Fran!

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