Christchurch is the capital of New Zealands Canterbury. Christchurch hails the pride of being the largest city in whole Southern Island. Christchurch is very well known for its multi dimensional characteristics which facilitates and benefits travelers, businessman and working class. Christchurch is surrounded with overwhelming natural beauty.

Christchurch was named on 27th march 1848, by the Canterbury Association. The coastal city Christchurch is situated at the northern side of Banks Peninsula. The most famous Avon River rises in the Ayrshire hills and flows down across the city providing an amazingly crafted urban park.


Tourist Attractions in Christchurch are the major attractions of the city which has paved the way for tourism boost in the country. It is often said that when it comes to tourist attractions, Christchurch always is armed loads. The city is famed throughout the world for its natural beauty which prevails all over the city. The travelers are allured with its beauty which makes the experience of enjoying the Tourist Attractions in Christchurch a memorable one. The basic scenario of the city is lively and the crux of the entertainment lies in the various Tourist Attractions in Christchurch. The city punctuated by the presence of numerous beautiful parks and gardens along which portrays the fervor in cultural heritage of the place.

The tourists are attracted to the city with its lively atmosphere. The presence of various elements exuding the exciting nightlife and things to do in the city adds to the excitement in the city.

The Tourist Attractions in Christchurch exudes a fine blend of fascinating heritage, captivating coastline along with the ravishing rivers and the natural and spectacular harbor. All these tourist attractions have made the city one of the favored one among the travelers and the city a major tourist destination.

Discover the beauty of the land among the numerous gardens and the parks spread all along the city.

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